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Frequently Asked Questions

Private Labeling

Do you have products in inventory that could be sampled?
Yes – we have some products in stock.

What is your minimum order?
We request a Purchase Order of at least $3,500 to begin a project. The number of units this dollar amount will produce can be quoted after it is determined what the product’s ingredient are and the ounces in each product packaging.  .

What is your average turn time for private labeled product?
Typically product samples can be produced in 1 – 2 months.  Production of the product(s) can begin after samples are accepted and usually can be produced in 1-2 months.

Contract Manufacturing

What is your average turn time to manufacturer an existing formulation?
Usually within 3 - 6 weeks.

Formulation Development

Is there a charge to formulate a new product?
Yes, there is technical work required by our expert team to formulate new products. The cost to formulate a product will be determined after our initial conversation to communicate.

Can you create a custom formulation if there are some built in product requirements?
Yes - we can create a custom formula using your ideas and outlines.

I don't know what I want in my product, can you help me with this?

Can you mimic an existing product in the market place?
Yes – normally we can reengineer existing products well.

Production & Shipping

Can you arrange freight? Can I arrange my own freight or pick up my product?
Yes, if requested we can arrange all shipping requirements

Do you provide drop shipping?
Yes - we can drop ship for you to wherever you need your products to go.

Can you provide direct to consumer fulfillment?
Yes - we have an in house fulfillment service available for any of our customers.